Andrew Bot

Andrew is so named after the character in the movie bicentennial man.

I first got the idea for Andrew while I was sick and running a fever of 102 from Covid-19.

A high fever can cause you to dream some wild things and in this case it might of helped me.


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Welcome back Jeffro! That is a great looking and sophisticated bot you have there. I wish my older bots had those gearboxes in the shoulders, it would have saved me some shoulder replacement surgeries. Having the screen in the abdomen area is interesting, and lets you build cooler looking heads.

The UI for adding a bot will let you put the images right into the main part of the page for the bot if you want, as opposed to adding them as attachments.

Keep it coming…looking forward to more vids!

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We are glad that both of you are back :smiley:

You have made so many robots.

Imagine that all of them are in one place. You could organize a robot competition, like robotic soccer or something :smiley:

Welcome back. More pictures and videos! :smiley:

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Hey jeffro! This is a very nice project! For me, this is the perfect concept: functionality + friendliness.

What material are the eyes placed on? Is it also printed? Seems to have a nice texture. Are the eyes LEDs through holes?

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Hey Dickel the eye are just LED’s placed through a piece of black plastic I printed. The eye are going to change and will be replaced with LCD screens.