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Posted on 02/06/2021 by jeffro in Andrew Bot
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Andrew is so named after the character in the movie bicentennial man.

I first got the idea for Andrew while I was sick and running a fever of 102 from Covid-19.

A high fever can cause you to dream some wild things and in this case it might of helped me.


Materials used

Andrew is able to recognize spoken words and respond to commands.

Currently if you ask Andrew to find the color Red or Blue or Green it will look around its surroundings until it find the color and then point at it.

If you ask Andrew to find a person it will search its surroundings looking for a person.

If the person is not recognized it will respond with "I found a person" and will point at the person.

If you ask Andrew "Who am I" it will look around its surroundings and if it recognizes the person it will then reply "You are Person Name".

I am working on improving its Arms and Hands so that it can engage in playing a game or picking up small objects and handing them to you.

Eventually there will be a mobile base either tracked or omni-wheel design so that Andrew can explore.

Andrew originally started using the HuskyLens for doing Face and Object recognition.

The current camera is the OpenMV H7 and is being used to track colors, faces, objects and recognize certain people.

There has been many changes in this project so I think that giving the current configuration is the best place to start.

Servo Controller: SSC-32U

Arms/Hands:  2 MG-996R servos and 4 Emax ES08MA II 12g servos and 2 planetary gearboxes.

Head: 2 Mg-996R Servos.

Microprocessor: MEGA 2560 PRO Embed to grab info from the OpenMV H7 cam and control head movements.

Computer: LattePanda 2G/32GB used to do all speech recognition and determine which object was detected by use of a low level AI that compares images.

Power Supply: Blomiky 11.84Wh 7.4V 1600mAh X2 one for the LattePanda and one for the SSC-32U and Arduino.

Microphone: SunFounder USB 2.0 Mini Microphone

Screen: OSOYOO LCD Touch Screen 3.5" HDMI Display Monitor, mounted in chest.



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