Advancements in robotics

Robots have advanced so much. take a look at atlas, ( or spot, what does everyone else think?

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Yes, these are great :slight_smile: One of my favorite designs is from your second video :slight_smile:

And, you could build your own. Check out this small, ‘clone’ version of it here:

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Thank you so much for commenting and liking! I will for sure check it out!

Hello again @henry_bot

I forgot to welcome you in the last post haha :sweat_smile: so welcome to the RobotShop community! it is great to have new members that are as passionate about robots as you, you can also find some other robotics enthusiasts in the chat where we also share lots of robots news :robot:, projects and ideas.

Hope to see you around :wink:


Thanks! I am going to participate in a robot of the month contest with an assistant bot. What will the competition be like?:robot:

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