A one student project

Hello I am a mechatronic student on my first semester, I wish to be able to make bionic prosthetics in the future. I wanted to use my free time to start building a robotic arm of some sorts to give myself some insight. could you advise me on if I should buy parts ad research alone on how to build my version or if that is not possible due to my limited funds (I can save up to about €100 now for this project)

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Hello @Ivanisco32 and welcome to the forum.

I appreciate your interest in robotics, and hopefully you will be able to finish your project.

I would first recommend some already made solutions, in case you change your mind and/or get enough funds.

Cheap and simple bionic hand (there is also left hand option):

Expensive but magnificent bionic hand (there is also left hand option):

And here are some examples of self-made amateur robotic hands. This one is very interesting, since user says it costs 100$ which fits your budget, but you will need a 3D printer: https://www.instructables.com/Tact-Low-cost-Advanced-Prosthetic-Hand/

These are projects from RobotShop community members (some are simple some not so much):

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, I am a little busy these days and couldn’t answer quicker. I like the 250… option, but don’t like that it is already built. I think that that creative insight into what I need and making a plan for myself is something I must do in the project if I want to maximize the knowledge I get. I would gladly do the 100 one if my university accepts for me to use the school’s equipment for a personal project, but that surely won’t happen. for now, the material you provided on similar projects is very helpful, and I will try to get some insight from there to decide what I will do.

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Good decision.

You can post about your progress with the project here in our Robots section: Robots | RobotShop Community