Robotic flexinol hand

Posted on 23/01/2020 by MarcoButtolo77
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A robotic paper hand with fingers moved with flexinol.


Robotic paper hand

In this project is showed a robotic paper hand with finger moved by flexinol. The following picture show the hand:

                            Picture 1: Robotic hand

Flexinol is a particular material. In few words,  flexinol is a trade name for shape memory alloy actuator wires. When current pass in circuit connected to finger of the hand, 

the flexinol is heated and so the finger moved itself.

The following picture show flexinol material.

                             Picture 2: Flexinol

An electronic control board is connected to the hand. Each finger of the hand via resistor is connected a single transistor (with led). When led is on, current pass in the circuit and relative finger moved itself because the heat warms and contracts flexinol.

                 Picture 3: Connection

In the following picture is showed a particular of flexinol and fingers of the hand.

                 Picture 4: Flexinol fingers

This is the final result:

                    Picture 5: Final result.



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