Take Advantage of Great Offers During the 2019 National Robotics Week

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The National Robotics Week, also known as the RoboWeek, happens during the month of April and this year, it's its 10th anniversary! It promotes the importance and existence of robotics! During this event, RobotShop will offer discounts on all sorts of robotic products, such as educational kits, robot toys and more. It is a great opportunity to introduce your kids or yourself to the field!10th Anniversary

Up to 50% Off from April 6-14 on RobotShop.com

Take advantage of great deals on selected products during the Roboweek 2019, from April 6-14. Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter to be reminded of the event! 

Here are some of the most interesting educational kits and products which will be on sale during the event:

MakeBlock Airblock Modular Hexacopter Drone

The MakeBlock Airblock Modular Hexacopter Drone is an easy to assemble modular and programmable drone. It can be transformed into multiple forms like a drone, a hovercraft, integrated to a Lego construction or attached with everyday objects. With graphic software, Airblock inspires creative ways to play.

Now $79.20 - Was $99(20% off)

MakeBlock Airblock Modular Hexacopter Drone MakeBlock Airblock Modular Hexacopter Drone

Block assembly is simple and quick. This well-designed Plug & Play uses magnetic connections, perfect for creative transformation and infinite fun.

KIKO.893 Hexapod Robot Kit

The KIKO.893 Hexapod Robot Kit has been traveling the galaxies and surveying uninhabitable regions. A life full of adventures and exploration was fun, but it was lonely work. KIKO.893 set its infrared sensor to search for life in the universe, and in doing so, discovered Earth. Now that KIKO.893 has finally found life, it loyally follows any object that approaches it, and won’t stop until switched back into explore mode. 

Now $32.92 - Was $43.90 (25% off)

KIKO.893 Hexapod Robot Kit KIKO.893 Hexapod Robot Kit

KIKO.893 has two pre-programmed modes (Follow-me and Explore) and scans its surroundings by using AI (artificial intelligence) and I/R (infrared sensor). It has six legs which allow it to turn 360 degrees and avoid obstacles.

Botley The Coding Robot Activity Set

The Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set makes coding fun! Botley is here to introduce coding to children, as young as 5, in an easy, friendly way. They can learn to code with Botley, and with his advanced features, he’ll grow with them for many years to come.

Now $55.99 - Was $79.99 (30% off)

Botley The Coding Robot Activity Set Botley The Coding Robot Activity Set

Botley is ready to use right out of the box. The kit includes a 77-piece activity set. When you program Botley using the included Remote Programmer, you are engaging in a basic form of “coding.” Beginning with the very basics of sequence programming is a great way to get started. It helps teach and encourage:

  • Basic coding concepts
  • Advanced coding concepts like If/Then logic
  • Critical thinking
  • Spatial concepts
  • Collaboration and teamwork

Jimu TankBot Kit

The Jimu TankBot Kit is the first Jimu Robot that runs on treads. It also has an infrared sensor that allows it to follow your commands to pick up, or maneuver around objects. UBTECH's Jimu Robot TankBot Kit gets you rolling with robotic construction and coding. Just use the free Jimu Robot app on your iPad or iPhone for 3D step-by-step instructions to program smooth, life-like movement of your tank-treaded TankBot's six robotic servo motors. The kit gives you an extensive array of interlocking pieces that snap together, so you can build this pre-designed character or anything else you can imagine.

Now $134.99 - Was $149.99 (10% off)

Jimu TankBot Kit Jimu TankBot Kit

The TankBot introduces some entertaining new features to the Jimu Robot system. In addition to having a vehicular treaded moving array, TankBot is the smartest Jimu Robot yet. That's because it includes an infrared sensor that tracks lines and senses objects to maneuver around, or to pick up and move with the first-ever Jimu Robot grab-and-lift function. Plus you can continue to employ the app's intuitive programming function to devise an endless sequence of actions for TankBot.

OSEPP 101 Basic Robotic Car

The OSEPP 101 Basic Robotic Car is custom designed aluminum chassis with a nice protective black coat that prevents the surface from scratching and oxidizing. The strategically placed hole on the chassis allows you to easily attach more sensors or other devices to the frame for more functions.

Now $99.96 - Was $124.95 (20% off)

OSEPP 101 Basic Robotic Car OSEPP 101 Basic Robotic Car

Kit comes with everything you need to make your own autonomously operating robot. Not only that, it is smart enough to ‘chase’ after the brightest light in the room. With this function, you can use a flash light as your remote! If you prefer using an IR remote, that works too.

GeoSmart Moon Lander Wireless Robot Toy

With the GeoSmart Moon Lander Wireless Robot Toy grab all the magnetically connecting geometric pieces, plus the motor, wheels, receiver, transmitter, panels, tube connectors, and Snap-On arms, and then start following the instructions to put them all together. With just a few magnetic connections and snaps, you're all set to explore the craters of the moon and wander from horizon to horizon.

Now $42.49 - Was $49.99 (15% off)

GeoSmart Moon Lander Wireless Robot Toy GeoSmart Moon Lander Wireless Robot Toy


Then – Ready to take this mission even further? Tap into your creativity and start rearranging all the parts to invent and build a unique moon-explorer of your own design.

Q-Scout Programmable Metal Robot Kit

The Q-Scout Programmable Metal Robot Kit is a hardware platform designed for STEM Education. It has an adorable design and its building process is enjoyable in less than 30 minutes. You will enjoy all tech fun on the App with line tracking and ultrasonic obstacle avoiding. You can learn programming with an easy drag-and-drop coding interface! Connect it with Robobloq App and enjoy playing with sensors and electronic modules in a fun way!

Now $75.99 - Was $94.99 (20% off)

Q-Scout Programmable Metal Robot Kit Q-Scout Programmable Metal Robot Kit

Do programming on the phone, by dragging command blocks into a chain.


  • Control mode : Flexible control of the robot movements remotely
  • Obstacle-avoiding mode: Automatically detects any obstacle and avoid them
  • Path mode : Your smart robot moves automatically by following a path that you draw in the app
  • Line tracking mode : Intelligently detects and follows a black line made by yourself
  • Music mode : Compose your own music with the embedded keyboard in the app

Super Anthony Fighter Humanoid Robot

The Super Anthony Fighter Humanoid Robot is a biped Robot for Arena. This resistant fighter is undergoing countless adjustments. Lets you enjoy intense metal-clashing fights.

Now $1,375.47 - Was $1,479 (7% off)

Super Anthony Fighter Humanoid Robot Super Anthony Fighter Humanoid Robot

It lets you win countless battles and earn deafening cheers. After 5 years of trial by fire, Super Anthony is presented to you! Super Anthony is equipped with 15 patented, steel-geared IQ4516HV servomotors, delivering overpowering torque to every part of his body. All torques are accurately transmitted to each component which allows it's moment to be smooth and flexible. The motion editor allows you to write your own "Special skills".

To view more products, head to the National Robotics Week category on the RobotShop.com Website. Our sale starts this Saturday, April 6. 

Democratizing Robotics

The National Robotics Week is especially celebrated by robotics enthusiasts, clubs and by industry players. As a national event that takes place in the United States, you can find and participate in multiple events: competitions, exhibitions, etc.

The RoboWeek's goal is to ''inspire students in STEM-related fields and to share the excitement of robotics with audiences of all age''. Following a similar purpose, RobotShop encourages robotics education and awareness in all sorts of ways. The RobotShop Community and the RobotShop.com websites are a great online places to stay informed or to learn how to get started in robotics. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest news!

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