RobotShop Launches Its New Community Platform

Posted on 18/09/2018 by jgendron in RobotShop, Where to Start

RobotShop is thrilled to announce today the official launch of their new Community platform. This new platform can be considered as the most complete community platform available for anyone interested in robotics and what it can bring to our world.

Our community has always been at the heart of what we do. This is why we acquired GoRobotics back in 2010. Or more recently when Let's Make Robots (LMR) joined us in 2015. The idea to bring robotics enthusiasts and neophytes together has always driven us. Today, we're taking another step on a journey towards a world full of robots.

Months of Development

As more and more people are becoming passionate about robotics therefore an easy-to-use and central platform that allows them to foster quality content and interactions is a must. After months of hard work and research, the RobotShop team has built the foundation on which the best robotics community could grow. To do so, we have taken a deep look at all the platforms out there and asked the opinion of a large range of users, carefully thinking about people's needs, fears, and dreams.

Whether you’re a newcomer looking for guidance, or a robotics guru looking to share your wisdom here is a look at the platform that will let you communicate, learn and meet with fellow robotics enthusiasts.

Share your wisdom with Tutorials

With twice the number of votes than the 2nd suggestion, a Tutorials section was the most requested feature on our crowdsource suggestions module. We had no other choice than to implement the best Tutorial feature you have ever seen. Thanks to a step-by-step editor, it has never been easier to share your knowledge with the world!

Showcase your Robots

All the knowledge you'll have learned from tutorials will give birth to an amazing robot, and you'll want to share it with everyone. Powered by the same easy-to-use engine as our Tutorials section, the Robots section allows you to showcase your robot and how you built it.

Discuss in the Forums...

Our new forums have never been this powerful. Thanks to infinite scrolling, focus is on the conversation and not the pagination. Also, don't miss anything with dynamic notifications. And if you're in a hurry, our Forums can automatically summarize a long topic and show you just the most interesting and popular posts.

or in the Chat!

If you want a quicker and more casual way to discuss with your fellow community members, you can head over to our Chat. Either straight from the website, or through the Slack app. You may have already had the opportunity to join us there. As a matter of fact, we've seen a tremendous growth month after month and incredible satisfaction from our members.

Piggybacking on Slack allows everybody to join the conversation from anywhere and any device. Bring your phone to your workshop, snap a picture to share, create a private channel with other members to work on a private project, or just 1-to-1 call with one of your friends.

Stay informed with robotics News

We are all passionate of robotics at RobotShop. Our team monitors the robotics-related news every single day and shares the most important posts on our social media channels. You can now browse our gallery of news, and in a single click get to the original source. We're sure that this page will quickly become the world's go-to source to stay up to date with all things robotics!

Stumbled upon news that would be worthy of this feed? Post it in the #robotics-news channel of our chat so it can be evaluated for inclusion!

Write for the Blog

We also revamped our blog platform! Now integrated into the community platform, it's not only RobotShop's blog but yours as well! You’ll have the chance to get heard on the world's largest robotics blog. Read experts’ opinions on a variety of robotics topics: news, ethics, foresights and more.

Get rewarded for your participation!

In order to offer you the best experience and reward you for your engagement, we've designed a complete system of achievements and points. For every action you take on the platform you'll receive a certain amount of points, and you'll level up along the way. And if you happen to reach certain milestones, or complete certain sets of actions, you'll unlock badges that you can wear proudly across the platform.

Head over to the Leaderboards to see which members are claiming the top positions, and how many points you'll have to get to claim their spot. This was the third most wanted feature in our crowdsourced suggestions box and we're very excited to see you collect badges and points! See the list of available badges and actions to unlock them.

Bidding farewell to our previous community-oriented websites

It's never easy to sunset a community platform. Whether we're talking about our forums or LMR, they have been cornerstones of the robotics community for a very long time.

But don’t worry, all the content that was present and publicly available has already been transferred to the new platform, so you don't have to worry about transferring it yourself! And with this new platform, we're writing together the next chapter of their history. We feel that the new ecosystem brought by all these features is a giant leap forward for all people around the world that have an interest in robots.

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