RobotShop to Provide Project Lead The Way (PLTW) with New Robot Arm Kit and New FlowArm PLTW Software

Lynxmotion's AL5D robot arm kit has been an integral part of Project Lead The Way's (PLTW) Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) curriculum, allowing the students to practice robot programming and assembly line design using an affordable hobby robot arm kit. RobotShop has been working with PLTW to release a new graphical interface control the Lynxmotion arm called FlowArm PLTW, along with a more custom robot arm kit. Read more about it in the official Press Release.
PLTW Using Lynxmotion AL5 Robot ArmPLTW Students Using Lynxmotion AL5 Robot Arm as part of an assembly line
Along with this new software, RobotShop will be releasing a customized version of the Lynxmotion arm for PLTW. The new kit will include a complete AL5D, a medium duty wrist rotate upgrade, a USB to serial adapter and a license for the new FlowARM PLTW software (download). The new FlowARM PLTW interface was designed with PLTW to ensure students had all the features they needed to integrate the AL5D arm into a larger system, without the need to spend hours programming its motion.
FlowArm PLTW InterfaceFlowArm PLTW Interface
For PLTW schools which already have a Lynxmotion robotic arm, RobotShop will be providing a coupon code to obtain a license of the new FlowArm PLTW for free! FlowArm PLTW was created using FlowBotics Studio, a powerful graphical programming environment which allows users to create complex programs which easily interacts with hardware using drag and drop blocks rather than writing text-based code. Find out more about FlowArm PLTW Find out more about the AL5D - PLTW Robot Arm Kit Find out more about FlowBotics Studio Official Press Release
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