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We always encourage customers to provide us with feedback concerning their experience with RobotShop. It is possible to send your feedbacks in your order comments field, in a support ticket, in our forum or blog. Do not hesitate to answer emails for reviews and feedbacks since we do listen. Feedbacks and testimonials are always welcome and help us improve our customer service in order for us to continue to put robotics at your service. We therefore wanted to share some of the feedback we received from customers in the last few months:
Ian, November 11th 2014 Both pre-sales and after-sales customer support have been excellent at all times. You can always tell as a customer if customer support actually cares or not or for that matter knows their products. Robotshop delivers   James, November 9th 2014 Communication is key pillar to all success, I think you all have mastered that.   Dave, November 8th 2014 Your customer service is 2nd to none. I have never had such good support from any online shopping site and I do a lot of online ordering.   Norma, November 8th 2014 I give a five stars. Excellent couldn't be better. I want to thank you with all heart for all the help you have given me and explanations in detail on what I needed to do.   Sandra, November 6th 2014 I have ordered through RobotShop before and my experiences have always been good. The emails have always been very pleasant and informative. My inquiries are responded to very quickly. So in short, I would recommend RobotShop to a friend without hesitation. Thanks so much!   Guest, October 30th 2014 It was fast and cheaper than Amazon.   Guest, October 28th 2014 Convenient, fast, efficient, reasonable price. What more can you say?   Michael, October 25th 2014 Superb. Very helpful to this newbie. Response time is amazing. Even providing urls for products better suited for my application. Thank you!   Ian, October 23rd 2014 Got clear answers on what I needed for my project. Excellent service, glad to have come across robotshop.   Geri, October 22nd 2014 Your company has been fantastic to work with! You're a 5 in my book. Thank you!!   Guest, October 19th 2014 Freakin' quick I wish I had used it sooner.   Chris, October 17th 2014 Wow, that's excellent information! That's likely the best, most useful tech support reply I've ever had :) Many, MANY thanks, that was exactly the info I needed.   Guest, October 15th 2014 Robotshop service was the faster I've ever seen. I'm not lying. You're very efficient. Thanks a lot.   Guest, October 12th 2014 RobotShop has very good service. My product was shipped quickly and I received it quick too. Everything I ordered was there and in excellent condition. I will definitely be purchasing from RobotShop again and recommend them to anyone.   Matthieu, October 12th 2014 Always great support from the first email sent (very fast reply!), to when the problem is fixed... Great work, great staff. Keep it up Robotshop!   Zhibin, October 10th I must say I am impressed by your custom service quality and efficiency. This made me feel very comfortable to shop with you guys. I will definitely continue shop with you and recommend you to my friends as well.   Pierre, October 9th 2014 Dear Robotshop, you are part of the best of all online stores I know! I love receiving email that give me a status of my order, you are quick and dedicated to get parts delivered. keep up the good work!   Guest, October 6th 2014 This website is awesome.   John, October 5th 2014 Technical team was incredibly helpful. You were quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable.   Keith, October 5th 2014 love your stuff and staff keep it up.:) you guys rock!!   Brian, October 4th 2014 Greatest customer service ever!!! Two thumbs up!! If I had three thumbs you would get that one also!!   Rolandas, October 1st 2014 From my huge experience in business, this shop and team are the best example how should work e-trade company. Excelent service: warranty, communication etc. Great thanks and respect.   MRRIV, September 27th 2014 Excellent Customer service! Very Fast response! Very Reliable company! Hope deal again in the future. Package arrived fast, all well and in order Thanks   Alain, September 22nd 2014 Only one word : perfect.   Steve, September 17th 2014 Awesome customer service - have bought many times from RobotShop. Will continue to do so.   Davey, September 16th 2014 Terrific support. Item was sent right away and was packaged well. I love the new Roomba and would highly recommend RobotShop.   Nick, September 15th 2014 Very prompt and professional - very good service thank you!   Deb, September 8th 2014 I appreciated the kind reception from all whom I talked to. Everyone was knowledgeable and made me feel important. Thanks again and I look forwards to receiving my purchase.   Lance, September 7th 2014 A+++++++++ customer service
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