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Posted on 08/06/2012 by robotshopmascot in RobotShop
As it is tradition now for Fridays, let's review some of the feedback we got from you, our beloved customers.
In The MailIn The Mail
Really happy with the turnaround time and shipping of a new unit right away, along with the free shipping back {for the defective unit}. This is pro service and I will be sure to pass on the good word. - RJ
Hi, I'm sorry I had to cancel my order. I realized to late that some of the products haven been in back-order status which was not an option for me. Anyway, service was excellent, fast and professional. -IN
Awesome customer service team, keep it up! -TR
Very responsive and cooperative! -SGO
Helpful and friendly! - AMG
I returned my litterbox because it wasn't working and the flashing lights were {driving me} nuts. The staff was great and my box was repaired and is now working well. Thank you very much. -RG
Excellent communication and friendly!! Ready and willing to help and stand behind their suppliers products. -AMC
I received a prompt reply to my question and when I provided further information relevant to my situation, RobotShop was quick to remedy the issue. The replacement product was received shortly afterwards and the whole process was easy to understand because of the clear direction provided. Thank you again. -EF
Excellent customer support - frequent updates on the status of my backorder, and prompt delivery when it came in! A very satisfied customer! -ELF
The litter robot is the best invention ever IMHO. My order came immediately and was in perfect condition. I'm very happy. -NN
Extremely satisfied. Prompt email response as well as sending out the correct item immediately. Postage paid return and pre-printed label... wow! I will definitely order more from RobotShop. -BML
Once again we would like to thank our customers for providing all this great feedback. It makes us proud and happy when we are able to provide a good service that can be appreciated by everyone.
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