Neato Goes to Europe: Meet The New XV-15

Posted on 22/06/2011 by carlos-31 in Domestic
Tags: Neato, XV-11, XV-15
We had countless requests for the Neato XV-11 smart robotic vacuum cleaner from customers in Europe, but we could not sell it there since the robot was simply not certified for that market. Today, we are happy to announce that there is a new Neato robotic vacuum specifically for our European friends; the XV-15!
Neato XV-15 Absorbs the European CultureThe Neato XV-15 Absorbs the European Culture

So what is new in the XV-15?

The Neato XV-15 does not have many major upgrades or surprises. It comes with an European (UK and EU) wall plug (and of course the charging base), a few extra air filters, and sports a sexy blue charcoal coloured  body instead of its "army green" American counterpart. It has the same advanced path planning and systematic cleaning capabilities that made the original XV-11 so popular.

I want it now, how can I get it?

The Neato XV-15 is available for pre-order from RobotShop right now and will be shipping out in limited quantities starting by the end of July. As with other domestic robots, we include the RobotShop Life-time warranty with the purchase. When you combine our competitive pricing, technical knowledge of domestic robots, troubleshooting support and lifetime warranty, RobotShop is the best place to buy your next robotic vacuum!
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