Top Robotic and Tech Gifts for Children 2020

The holidays are fast approaching! Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a little kid who likes to build things or for bigger kids interested in robotics or technology, you are in luck! In this Gift Guide, we suggest plenty of educational products that are exciting and fun for everyone.

With STEM Education playing such a big role in schools and society, there is no better time than now to introduce kids to toys that turn learning about science, technology, engineering, and math into fun. And what better way to do it than with a hands-on approach? Robots and experimentation kits challenge children to solve real-life problems, improving their critical thinking, creativity, and other skills that will prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

To help you in your quest to find the best holiday gift for your aspiring inventor, we prepared a list of the top robotic and tech toys for kids!

Fun Gift for Young Builders

Fun Gift for Young Builders: Dizzy Droid - Ages: 6+
Fun Gift for Young Builders: Dizzy Droid - Ages: 6+

The Learning Journey Techno Gears Kit - Dizzy Droid

  • Ages: 6+
  • Encourages problem-solving and focusing skills
  • Features rotating gears and a construction manual


Construction sets are the best way of encouraging future engineers and architects, and this techno gears kit is perfect for that.

The kit features 80+ colorful snap-together pieces that introduce kids to the fundamentals of mechanics and motivate them to use their hands to build and use their imagination to bring their creations to life.

Entry-Level Robot Gift for Kids

Entry-Level Robot Gift for Kids: mBot - Ages: 8+
Entry-Level Robot Gift for Kids: mBot - Ages: 8+

MakeBlock mBot v1.1 Blue STEM Educational Programmable Robot (2.4G)

  • Ages: 8+
  • Develops logical thinking and creativity
  • Control modes: manual, voice, "Draw and Run", obstacle avoidance, line-follow and more


Want to motivate your child to start programming? mBot is the perfect option; its user-friendly design makes learning about robotics and electronic parts easy and fun. Kids can enjoy playing with mBot without the need for coding. With the Makeblock App, they start learning entry-level skills with drag and drop programming or even go one step further and start using Arduino C programming.

Makeblock also offers add-ons kits so children can upgrade mBot and use their imagination to make their own unique design.

Eco-friendly Gift for the Scientists of Tomorrow

Eco-friendly Gift for Scientists of Tomorrow: Owi Recycler Kit - Ages: 8+
Eco-friendly Gift for Scientists of Tomorrow: Owi Recycler Kit - Ages: 8+

Owi Super Solar Recycler Educational Kit

  • Ages: 8+
  • Introduces kids to recycling and alternative energy
  • It is powered completely by natural light so it doesn’t require batteries


As the saying goes: “Children are the future” and if anything is certain about the future, it is that alternative energy sources, green technologies, and robotics will play a major role.

This eco-friendly kit motivates kids to activate their inner maker and learn how to repurpose used objects into multiple functional robots while exploring renewable energy. It is powered by a solar panel so as children watch the robots move around, they’re not only learning and experimenting with solar power but also having fun with it.

Gift for Hands-On Electronics Experiments

Gift for Hands-On Electronics Experiments: Snap Circuits - Age: 8+
Gift for Hands-On Electronics Experiments: Snap Circuits - Age: 8+

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination Kit

  • Ages: 8+
  • Teaches engineering, electronics and circuitry concepts
  • Allows building over 150 exciting projects with no soldering involved


If your child has shown an interest in electronics, get them a Snap Circuits kit! This product teaches about electricity using snap-on components to assemble circuits on a simple grid base. Each part has a different color and purpose, however, after finishing all the projects in the manual, they can easily be used to create custom electronic designs.

There are many different Snap Circuits sets but if your kid is especially interested in light effects then the 3D Illumination kit is the best choice. It includes over 50 parts to assemble unique 3D structures with light tunnels and reflecting circuits that will keep them entertained while learning.

Perfect Robot Companion for Playing

Offer a Robotic Companion: Gomer Robot Toy - Ages: 8+
Offer a Robotic Companion: Gomer Robot Toy - Ages: 8+

Gomer Smart Robot Toy

  • Ages: 8+
  • Introduces children to robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Features real-time audio and video transmission so it can work as a mobile patroller


What if your kids aren't really into building things? Then a great way to introduce them to technology is with Gomer. This fun little playmate will be your children’s mentor and companion. The robot is equipped with AI so it can recognize names, faces, and even emotions to keep everyone in the family entertained.

This smart robot can be programmed through smartphones or using Blockly graphic programming to perform a variety of actions, like holding objects with its flexible gripper or track pets with its camera. It also supports one-click switching to generate JavaScript and Python codes.

Best Robot Gift for Teens

Best Robot Gift for Teens: Owi Robotic Arm - Ages: 13+
Best Robot Gift for Teens: Owi Robotic Arm - Ages: 13+
OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge

  • Ages: 13+
  • Quick to assemble and requires no soldering
  • Total command and visual manipulation using the five switch wired controller, five motors, and five joints


This Robotic Arm kit is quite fun and easy to build while being advanced enough for Teens who are looking for a challenge!  Kids can understand mechanics and put together a working arm that can pick objects!

It is probably the most complete introduction to robotics you can offer as a gift!

Still Searching for Robotic Gifts?

If you still haven't decided on a robotic gift for your kid, here are some of our recommendations. While most robots come with a recommended age range, think about your child’s interests and skills when choosing a gift. Some robot toys come ready to play out of the box, while with other kits, putting them together is part of the fun. Kids who like challenges may prefer a robot they can program themselves, or learn from, while others may just want a playful companion.

Either way, the fun will be unlimited so celebrate this year’s holiday season by bringing the family together and changing the usual board games for robot building playdates.

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