Yahboom DOGZILLA S1 12DOF visual AI Desktop Quadruped Bionic robot dog for Raspberry Pi 4B


DOGZILLA S1 is a 12DOF visual AI robot dog. It consists of 12 servos, an aluminum alloy bracket and a camera.The fuselage is flexible and maneuverable, not only can flexibly complete a series of bionic actions, but also realize omni-directional movement and six-dimensional attitude control. DOGZILLA S1 is equipped with a 9-axis IMU and a steering gear angle sensor, which can Real-time feedback of its own posture, joint angle and torque.Based on these feedback data, the co-processor combines inverse kinematics algorithm to realize a variety of motion gaits. Equipped with Raspberry Pi 4B main control, through Python programming, combined with the camera, achieve various AI visual recognition functions through Python programming.ROS developers can also use DOGZILLA S1 to complete RVIZ and GAZEBO simulations. Besides, ample tutorials and open-source codes will help you quickly get started!

Packing list:

Note: Raspberry Pi board not included

Aluminum alloy cover (including camera)*1

Charger *1

Copper column screw pack

Packing box *1

DOGZILLA body *1

Wireless handle + mobile phone holder *1

Screwdriver *1

Manual *1

64G TF card + card reader *1


Just need 15mins to complete assemble.

All-aluminum body:

Dogzilla is made of anodized aluminum alloy, which is safe and non-toxic, beautiful and durable.

120FPS high frame rate AI vision camera

Customized screws and special workmanship:

When the mechanical dog moves, all the servos, aluminum alloy parts and the screws on it will produce friction and vibration. If things go on like this, the screws will loosen.

In order to reduce or reduce such problems, when we produce and process mechanical dogs, we will pay special attention to the technology of the joints of screws, servos and aluminum alloy parts (that is, the joints of the dog).

Generally, the following two measures are taken:

1) Drop lubricating oil into the place where the steering gear and the aluminum alloy parts are combined (the joint of the dog);

2) Extensive use of custom-made non-slip screws (some screws cannot be reused after being unscrewed);

In order to ensure that the mechanical dog can carry its own weight for a long time, 8PCS customized anti-skid screws under the body will drip glue during installation.

Assembly is complete:

246.2*144.6*169.5mm (Power-onstate)

249.5*144.8*99.4mm (Power-offstate)

Desktop-level robot dog, compact and easy to carry.

Test it:

1) Complete some simple actions

 2) Walk


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