MakeBlock mBot Online Rescue Robot Contest

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Contest Details

Theme This contest’s theme is mBot Rescue Robot. Entrants must design their own rescue robots based on mBot, which can be used in some rescue scenarios.
Where The contest will be held online, i.e. the Makeblock official website Openlab section.
When From 12:00 a.m. PST on Sep 21st 2016 to 11:59 p.m. PST on Dec 5 th 2016. Online voting starts September 21, 2016.
Who Open to primary or middle schol students (10-16 years old). Both individuals and teams can enter the contest. But there must be no more than three people in one team.
How Entries should primarily consist of mBot robot kit and Makeblock mechanical or electronic parts. Entrants must upload the following items to Openlab: 1) Photos or videos of entries; 2) Source code; 3) Building steps; 4) Part list
makeblock-mbotmBot Robot Kit
mbot-line-follow-2mBot Robot Line Following



  1. Creativity: 30%
  2. Technology: 20%
  3. Application: 20%
  4. Completeness and Function exhibition: 30%


  1. The contest is divided into two phases. The first phase is online voting. The second phase is final judge process.
  2. In the first phase, the voting results on both Openlab and SNS will be tallied. The top 10 entries can enter the final while the top 11-25 entries will be selected as the memorial prize winners.
  3. Voting period is also from 12:00 a.m. PST on Sep 21st 2016 to 11:59 p.m. PST on Dec 5th 2016.
  4. In the final, a panel of judges made up of 4-6 people, including Makeblock staff and respected makers/professors from different countries, will rate the finalists on the basis of the judging criteria.
  5. The winners will be announced within 48 hours of the deadline on the contest web page and be notified through emails.
mbot-happymBot Robot Display
mbot-line-followmBot Line Following


FIRST One Grand Prize winner can choose to receive a $1000 voucher for any Makeblock product or $1000 cash award.
SECOND Three First Prize winner can choose to receive a $500 voucher for any Makeblock product or $500 cash award.
THIRD Six Second Prize winner can choose to receive a $200 voucher for any Makeblock product or $200 cash award.
MEMORIAL Fifteen Memorial Prize winner will receive a Makeblock prize pack including a Makeblock T-shirt and five fridge magnets.

Example Entry

Wondering what a robot for this competition might looks like and do? Take a look at the mBot Rescue Robot example below for an idea:

What does it have?

This custom mBot Rescue Robot has four sensors, including: 1x Me Ultrasonic Sensor, 1x Me PIR Sensor, 1x Me Temperature and Humidity Sensor 1x Me Gas Sensor.
mbot-rescue-robot-entrymBot Contest Example

What does it do?

mBot is so small and flexible that it can go deep into the dangerous and complicated disaster scene. • With the Ultrasonic Sensor, mBot can detect the obstacles and avoid them. • With the PIR Sensor, mBot can perceive the survivors and increase the rescue efficiency. • With Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Gas Sensor, mBot can detect whether temperature and humidity surpass the safe levels or whether there is a gas leak. • mBot can sound the buzzer and light the LED for warning.
mbot-programmingmBot Programming
mbot-variationsmBot Customiztions
mbot-variationsmBot Contest


Do you already have a MakeBlock mBot and need additional parts? Take a look at our selection of MakeBlock construction kit parts and accessories. You'll fid everythign from sensors and cables to frame components and more. Don't have an mBot? You can find mBot construction kits, as well as a variet of other MakeBlock kits on RobotShop.
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