Launch The Drone! Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano - Official Preview

Today RobotShop released the official preview video for the new Quadrino Nano Flight Controller. The scene is that of a futuristic drone / UAV control center where a commander has full view over any situation and relays commands to small number of skilled professionals which in turn operate a fleet of UAVs. The Quadrino Nano offers excellent value: it includes all sensors required for modern UAV flight (with many spare IO pins), is compatible with a variety of programs and is housed in a semi-transparent case which includes vibration damping built-in. The design is a culmination of FlyingEinstein's flight controller technology.
Quadrino Nano ViewsQuadrino Nano Views
For those of you whose first language may not be English, here is the script below:
  • We need another drone on scene. Prepare drone Alpha Niner for immediate takeoff. All stations, report in.
  • Powering up the drone. Electronics / sensors check: ATMega2560 is powered and functional. Accelerometer, gyro, compass, barometer are all calibrated and functional. GPS locked. Good to go.
  • Station 2: communications?
  • All motors have been calibrated. Autonomous mode is online - no errors. Manual control enabled. We are good to go.
  • Drone frame is structurally sound. Canopy is in place... no issues reported. Flight controller is damped and reporting minimal vibration. Protective case is intact. Good to go.
  • Station 4.
  • Arduino compatibility - check. MultiWii compatibility - check. WingGUI compatibility - check. Mission Planner - check. Good to go!
  • Confirm that I2C and additional IO are operational
  • Four I2C ports and spare GPIO are operational and functioning properly
  • Confirm flight path and arm motors.
  • Waypoints confirmed. Flight path uploaded. Motors armed. All systems ready.
  • Launch!
We hope you enjoy!
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