Kids Get It, Robots Will Be Integral Parts of Their Lives

Posted on 19/01/2012 by carlos-31 in Industry, Schools & Curriculum
Tags: children, future
A recent study by Latitude shows that children from around the world see robots as a natural companion that able to help them learn and play. We encourage you to read the full report.
The study also shows that the inherent "nerdiness" of a robot is cool and that children blur the differences between humans and machines and see robots as potential companions / friends.
Robot Companion by a 9 y.o. German boyRobot Companion by a 9 y.o. German boy
“While children imagine robots that are virtually human in many regards, it’s their slight "machine-ness" that ultimately makes robots such effective partners for learning and creative exploration,” explains Ian Schulte, Latitude’s director of technology and business development, who led the study. “Robots support and encourage, but don’t judge. They don’t run into scheduling conflicts, and they certainly don’t ostracize kids for wrong answers or unconventional thinking. Because they’re just mechanical enough, robots enable kids to grow and explore without regard for social stigmas that so often stifle learning and creativity.” Since robots fulfill a range of emotional needs, they can render learning more fun and “approachable,” making kids eager to tackle even boring or rote material. -
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