Robot Warriors Save US Lives

Posted on 21/06/2005 by wcox in Industry
Dragon Runner -
Two news stories about robots in the military and how they are helping to save our soldiers lives:

The first story, says that the enemy is wising up to their mechanical adversaries and are starting to target them. Better a robot than a soldier. The story focus' on the Dragon Runner military 'bot devloped by Carnegie Mellon University. Officials are calling it a, "critical piece of equipment" and the folks at CMU say they are going to double their product capacity soon.

The Army is using this as part of it's larger plan for a $100 billion "Future Combat System" which includes lots of robots and is supposed to be in place by 2010. This will be a huge industry folks - better jump on the bandwagon now.

The second story shows how important mine nutralization robots are to the Amry. Instead of actually having to visit a munition in the field, a soldier can remotely drive the robot to the munition and determine how to disarm it.

iRobot also has an extensive product line of military robots. Take a look.

Update: Here's another article about how robots are helping out soldiers. More detailed info on how the Dragon Runners are being used in Iraq.

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