RobotShop Launches its Marketplace

RobotShop is always looking to innovate and to put robotics at the service of humanity! That’s why it’s enhancing its online activities by launching a Marketplace for manufacturers and suppliers! This new integrated platform will allow them to sell their robotics technologies directly on RobotShop’s e-commerce platform.

The World's Largest Robotics Marketplace!

Since its founding in 2003, RobotShop is renowned as the most visited robotics website in the world, offering a variety of robotic goods, such as educational and professional robots, as well as mechanical and electronic parts and components. Vendors of the RobotShop Marketplace can benefit from the excellent reputation of the RobotShop brand in the field, but also from its visibility and multi-region stores, which allow them to sell in more than 200 countries!


Apart from that, RobotShop’s website brings a large number of visitors. Its audience includes amateurs and professionals with a keen interest in emerging technologies, businesses, the education sector, as well as a large community promoting communication, mutual aid and technical support.

What Does that Mean for Vendors & Manufacturers?

RobotShop’s Marketplace will allow them to upload products and sell globally, grow their business and expand their reach! In other words, they sell more to their target audience, both B2C and B2B customers in the Robotics and related markets, while keeping the control on their customer service and support, product listings, stocks and shipments!

Get Started in Minutes! 

An easy on-boarding and uploading of products allows them to get started quickly on the platform. This enables companies to sell globally and get their brand and products prominently featured. 

The platform also contains advanced functionalities in order to optimize the categorization of products and create personalized spaces for merchants as well as an API facilitating operational integration.


What Does it Mean for Customers?

Well, more and more products! The Marketplace will allow RobotShop to partner with new brands and vendors offering robotic products! While increasing the product offering, it will also ensure more variety, more choice, for a one-stop shop!

The integration of those new offers to RobotShop’s catalog should ensure an improved experience and better service for all, from RobotShop and the vendors! Whether you are looking for educational robots, domestic robots, professional or industrial robots, everything becomes accessible!

New Horizon in the Robotics Industry

Robotics technologies are now spreading to all spheres of society and it's evolving very fast! According to various sources, with the advent of 5G, increasingly powerful processors and artificial intelligence, the robotics market is set to become a predominant sector and could exceed 200 billion dollars by 2025.


The RobotShop Marketplace is the foundation of a new economic platform, a new model, which responds to an increasing demand from both suppliers and customers in the robotics field.

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