Improved Warranty Extended to All Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Years ago, RobotShop started offering our Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Roomba, and as of late 2010, on the Neato XV-11 also. Considering the run-time and amount of work the average robotic vacuum cleaner goes through, it made buying with RobotShop a smart decision. Now RobotShop is extending the Limited Lifetime Warranty to all domestic robotic vacuum cleaners, and to a few other domestic robots as well.
Robot Vacuum WarrantyRobot Vacuum Warranty
What does this mean for you? New domestic robot vacuums purchased with RobotShop will now come with the same Limited Lifetime Warranty that RobotShop Roomba and Neato XV-11 owners previously (and currently) enjoy, and the VIP service that goes along with it. On top of that, being a RobotShop customer gives you access to the Robot Hospital, so your robot(s) can still be repaired even after the warranty has expired. Overall it makes owning a domestic robot that much easier, and in the end, that's how domestic robots should make things: easier. RobotShop is also extending the Limited Lifetime Warranty to a few other robot pet care products, like the popular Litter Robot, and our range of automatic pet feeders and waterers. Check out our Warranty section for more details.
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