Happy Holidays from RobotShop

Posted on 24/12/2010 by carlos-31
At RobotShop, we would like to wish you all  a very happy holiday season. May this holiday season be filled with joy, love and lots of robots! We know you will take care of the joy and love, let us take care of the robots with this robotic holiday round-up.

PR2 could soon become Robot Santa.

Robot geeks know Robot Santa from Futurama, the  dreaded Santa robotic incarnation. This picture from the AIS lab at the University of Freiburg featuring a PR2 and a Nao remind us that we are not so far from having a Robot Santa.
PR2 Celebrates Christmas with its friend NaoPR2 Celebrates Christmas with its friend Nao

Quad-copter plays Jingle Bells

For the holiday season, the aggressive quad-copters from ETH put their aggression aside and learned how to play the piano. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToACDIXTzo0

Christmas Balancing Cube

Who needs a Christmas tree when you can have a balancing robotic cube? Once again, ETH has put together a nice robotic holiday video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1Jq6IoUyb8 Via BotJunkie, Willow Garage
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