Grillbot Unboxing and Sneak Peek of Insides

Posted on 04/03/2014 by jgendron in Domestic
Grillbots are now available for shipment so you can start cleaning your BBQ for the beginning of the season. For those of you in cold weather, why not BBQ early and impress your friends with this new robot? We took unboxing pictures of the Grillbot for your viewing pleasure with a bonus picture of the inside of the robot.
grillbot-boxGrillbot Box
inside-grillbot-boxGrillbot Inside Box
inside-grillbot-box-2Grillbot In Box Without Carton
grillbot-manualsGrillbot Manuals
grillbot-topGrillbot Top
grillbot-start-buttomGrillbot Control Panel
grillbot-bottomGrillbot Bottom
grillbot-brushesGrillbot Brush Closeup
grillbot-chargerGrillbot Charger
grillbot-chargingGrillbot Charging
grillbot-insidesGrillbot Insides
The Grillbot is very easy to use with only a start button on the top of the robot. Press once for 10 minutes, twice for 20 minutes and 3 times for a 30 minute cleaning; it could not be easier. It's just too bad the BBQ used did not have a lip, so instead we had to close the lid and let the magic happen without being able to watch. Here are before and after pictures after just 20 minutes of cleaning:
In this test we warmed up the BBQ, but it cooled down pretty quickly in our cold weather. We were very impressed by the results. Purchase a Grillbot today and let it do the dirty work for you! Happy BBQing.
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