Google Project Glass, A.K.A. Terminator Vision

Posted on 04/04/2012 by carlos-31 in Industry
Project Glass by GoogleProject Glass by Google
Google is at it again and is giving us a peek at another mind-blowing project! Project: Glass, from the Secret Lab Google X aims to create an augmented reality mobile interface that will enable us to get on-the-go information by superimposing it on top of our field of view. The goal is to augment our perception of the world by overlaying information from the internet. See the video below to better understand the Project Glass concept. The glasses are still very experimental but it is possible to envision this as a real future possibility. Should they become a reality, it is difficult to predict what would be the ramifications on humans; socially, physiologically and psychologically.  Is this the beginning of the Borg, or will it free us from the technology we currently use by allowing a more seamless interaction? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.    
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