International Robot Exhibition 2005

Posted on 01/12/2005 by wcox in Industry

Image  The International Robot Exhibition (IREX) is going on right now in Tokyo, Japan! The 4 day long exhibition is featuring over 200 companies and some really cool robots. It looks like about the only site really covering the event is Akihabara News.

The PacMan robot at IREX (with video) is currently making big waves in the blogosphere. It looks vaguely like a FireFighting area with ghosts.

Also featured at the conference is Sora, the receptionist robot by In The Sky. This is similar to the robot information booth that was shown off at the recent World Expo. You'll also want to gawk take a look at the ACTROID robot/android. This robot, complete with a plastic miniskirt, looks eerily human. Welcome to the uncanny valley.

Bandai's companion robot will also clean your floors. No word on any relation to the Scooba, but the two probably have met before.Image

Fujitsu's robot to guide customers around stores. Complete with large red "stop" button. Coming to a WalMart near you. At least, that's my guess, or something similar.

Motoman's Robar, the drink serving robot.

And, of course, yet-another-walking robot from Kondo. It's movement looks extremely similar to the RoboNova robot from Hitec (mentioned in this post). Perhaps they're using the same software/cheap-programming-labor-from-China.

However, hands down, IMHO, the cutest robot so far is the ZMP Nuvo 'bot, which we've covered before. This little guy is pretty adorable. Gotta love the one glowing eye.

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