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Posted on 13/07/2012 by robotshopmascot in RobotShop
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We are back with another "Feedback Friday". As you may know, at RobotShop, we strive to offer the best and fastest service possible. We do this by answering all of our communications within 24 business hours (the majority of which are answered within 3 working hours) and by shipping your purchase as fast as we can (which usually means the same day if the items are in stock). This emphasis on customer service makes many customers happy, as can be seen in the comments below:
The support was good and helpful as always. -HE
Great feedback that was quick! -VM
Very good advice. I will be purchasing a new Aquabot from RobotShop after my vacation. Thank you -RS
While I am not thrilled you sent the wrong product on the original order, your prompt offer to do the right thing by shipping the right product plus the return shipping label makes me want to do business with your company again. Keep up the good work! -JC
Good customer service. Have been kept updated with the situation. -PG
Very responsive with great suggestions. -RP
I enjoy to shop with u guys. Even spread the word to my nerdy friends, that this is the best online store on the internet to spend money :D -PF
Though there was a complication with my purchase, I admit your customer-friendly service is still great. -GI
My litter robot was acting up and not cycling properly. I contacted the office and got quick response on the weekend. They suggested several things and after first panicking at the troubleshooting steps, I calmly opened the control panel and had a look. The red plug was loose and after re-seating it, and unplugging and re-seating the black plug as well, it was fixed. I would recommend if you have issues with the unit to check the control panel connections first. I was a bit leery of undoing the control panel but it is "plug and play" friendly for the most part. Thanks to the office for their help. I was almost ready to return the unit! Now we are up and running again for no cost. -RS
Response was fast and exactly the info that I needed. When I have some free time, I'll be buying a robot. -MG
Excellent response time and very helpful, will always come back to Robotshop! -DW
Thanks to all of our customers for the awesome feedback. Keep it coming!
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