Essential Spring Cleaning Robots

It's time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Yes, it's the time of year we dread again. Luckily we have the help you need with these essential spring cleaning robots. This is what domestic robots are for; helping you with chores that are not only long but, also not enjoyable, so you can spend more time with your friends and family. Here are a few robots that will interest you when it comes to spring cleaning:

Robot Vacuums

Robot VacuumsNeato Botvac Robot Vacuum
Since the day robotic vacuums were introduced, household cleaning was changed forever. Most people vacuum their homes a few times a week and find the process boring and time-consuming. This is where the robot vacuum cleaner or automatic vacuum robot comes in. A robot vacuum can liberate you from the tedious vacuuming job and helps save precious time. You can therefore spend more time with your family and friends or have more time for rest and leisure.Robotic vacuums are autonomous and are highly efficient even when compared to conventional vacuum cleaners making them a worthy investment. There are several models of robot vacuums from entry line robots to the ones with most advanced features and that offer the latest technology. Some come with a docking station and can be scheduled to clean at your preferred time for an entirely automatic cleaning. We have robotic vacuums available for all budgets. They are all efficient, reliable, affordable and easy to use. RobotShop is here to help you select the best model for your needs. Start by viewing our Robot Vacuum Comparison Table.

Robot Pool Cleaners

Robot Pool CleanersSmartpool Robot Pool Cleaner
Robot pool cleaners are highly intelligent and efficient machines that clean your pool for you by bypassing the main filtering system of your pool. A swimming pool is a big investment and should give you enjoyment, not headaches and costly bills. Unfortunately, its aesthetic appeal can diminish with obtrusive vacuum hoses or worse yet, someone constantly in your backyard trying to clean your pool by hand. Dirt Can Run ...But it can’t hide from Robot Pool Cleaner’s. Some can clean floors as well as walls up to the waterline and they even diminish the amount of chemicals that you must use in your pool. Pool cleaning is just at the tip of your fingers - when you want it. Compare our extensive selection of robotic pool cleaners to determine which one satisfies your needs.

Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot Lawn MowersRobomow Robot Lawn Mower
Robot lawn mowers are the modern replacements for manual mowers and operate quietly and autonomously while saving you time and money. They are also good to the environment since they are battery operated and also safe for you and your pets. They are very intelligent and can be programmed to cut day and night within your desired operating hours in order to maintain your lawn. Grass clippings act as natural fertilizer keeping your grass green and healthy without using fertilizer. Need help in finding the best robot mower for your needs? View our Robot lawn mower comparison table.

Grill Cleaning Robots

Grill Cleaning RobotsGrillbot Grill Cleaning Robot
The Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot is a fully automated, safe and easy to use Grillbot. It is the world's first automatic grill cleaning robotic device. It's push-button makes it easy to operate. It does all the heavy scrubbing to rid your grill of grease and grime while you get on with your life. It not only cleans your grill, but allows the grill to retain its ongoing flavor. Grillbot takes the work out of it with disposable brushes and three motor power to blast away grime and grease. When finished, Grillbot alerts you with an alarm. With the Grillbot you can save yourself time and energy. It does the tough job of scrubbing and cleaning the grill so you can go ahead and do other things like watching the game, or joining the family to play games. Simply put the Grillbot on your grill, press a button and you are done. Grillbot scours grease and caked-on grime leaving your grill like new. Grill cleaning has never been easier.

Robot Floor Cleaners

Robot Floor CleanersiRobot Scooba Robot Floor Cleaners
Robot floor cleaners liberate people from unpleasant daily chores and frees up their time. Robot cleaners change the way we clean since they will scrub your floors clean by covering your entire hard floors. Use robot floor cleaners anywhere you would use a mop and bucket, including tile, linoleum, vinyl, marble, slate, stone and sealed hardwood. Floor cleaning robots also work great in collaboration with a dedicated robot vacuums to pick up larger debris and improve the overall effectiveness of your cleaning strategy.

Robot Window Cleaners

Robot Window CleanerEcovacs Winbot Robot Window Cleaner
Robot window cleaners help you clean hard to reach, high or large glass surfaces. They can also help in areas where it is not safe for a humans to clean. Robot window cleaners are easy to use and can clean at the touch of a button. They automatically determine the size of your window and then program a cleaning path in order to clean this window entirely, quickly and efficiently. Microfiber cleaning pads will ensure your window is clean without leaving and streaks or scratches.

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