Change Lives of Elderlies One Robotic Pet at a Time

To help alleviate the stress on senior care workers, many experts believe that socially assistive robot technology could take some of the new roles. This doesn’t just mean smart technology, but physical robots, as well.

The Introduction of Companion Robot Animals

Recently the use of companion robot animals, both dogs and cats, is something that has been adopted by senior facilities, like nursing homes and assisted living homes, as well as individuals who want to provide their senior loved one with this type of companionship.

The Joy For All Robotic Cat is an ideal companion.

The Purpose of Companion Robot Pets for Elderlies

Animal therapy has been proven to be effective for elderlies in the past. However, real animals can become stressed, which causes stress to those around them. This is where the robotic companion animals come in. These are all about reducing stress. While they may not provide that full-bonding effect that’s present with a real animal, they come close. This can be especially beneficial for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

How Do Robotic Companion Cats Work?

Keep in mind, these robotic companion pets aren’t about performing tricks, but instead focused on companionship. They are designed to respond when touched or petted. It’s essentially an electronic appliance covered with a stuffed animal. The device has sensors strategically placed throughout the head and body, and when touched, the sensors create some type of reaction from the pet, which makes the user happy.

The Tabby Cat Interactive Companion is surely the most popular of its kind.

For example, the Tabby Cat Interactive Companion is uniquely designed to provide the companionship that seniors are looking for, providing real interactions and sounds.

Addressing the Loneliness of Elderlies

There are many people, even family members, who don’t realize how lonely aging can be. Without someone to talk to and interact with, seniors can become isolated, depressed, and suffer physical and mental ailments.

These interactive robotic companions are available in multiple forms and colors.

With a slight investment, and a few batteries, they have an animal they don’t have to worry about remembering to care for, but who is always there to interact with them.

Cats and Dogs

While the robotic cats have been the most popular companion option in the past, there are also robotic companion dogs available, such as the Ageless Innovations Golden Pup. This particular pup includes the built-in sensors mentioned above and responds to both touch and motion.

The Robotic Dog version is also a good alternative for dog lovers.

It has a realistic heartbeat, authentic sounds, and a lifelike coat. In addition to touch and motion, the pup also responds to the user’s voice, using BARKBACK technology.

True Testimonies

To date, the response for these robotic companion pets has been positive; just see what some real customers had to say:

Most people agree, if the device makes their loved one smile, it is well worth any investment that has been made.

According to Mary C, “I bought this for my mom who has Alzheimer's and know she will love it. I was very pleased with the quick response I got when I asked a question before purchasing and the order was received very promptly. I absolutely love the cat. I gave it a test run and honestly, I found it very comforting myself! I might just have to order myself one. I told a friend about it and they ordered one for their mother who has dementia.”

Putting robotics at your service

As you can see, many believe that these robotic animals could be something that helps seniors all around the globe face the challenges presented by aging. The use of robot pets is a great example of how robotics can positively impact our existence. Following RobotShop's mission, to offer robotic pets that can improve elderly's lives is just a great way to truly put robotics at your service.

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