Bad Idea: Giving a Razor-Sharp Knife to a Robot

Posted on 16/11/2012 by carlos-31 in Humanoids, Prototypes, Research
CIROS Robot Cuts CucumberCIROS Robot Cuts Cucumber
The Korean Institute of Science and Technology had the very good (read "terrible") idea of giving a very sharp kitchen knife to a robot and teaching it how to use it. Fortunately until now, CIROR, the knife-wielding humanoid robot, can only cut cucumbers with its new tool. It is nice to see how robots evolve and become increasingly able to help us with our tasks, but it is clear that not only their technical capability of performing complex actions is important, we need to make sure they have an "ethical" understanding of their actions so they can behave appropriately in a human society. It is very impressive to see how the robot can perform the cuts with very high precision even though it works in an unstructured environment. If you had such a capable humanoid robot at home, what would you teach it to do? Via Robot Snob.
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