Best Robots of CES 2022!

Welcome to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show instalment, where we will review and check-out the team’s favorite robots from the show!

CES 2022 was nothing short of eventful this year with many new technologies and concepts announced. As last year’s event was held virtually due to the ever-growing rise of pandemic cases, this edition of CES is both held virtually and in-person, and we couldn’t be happier.

From healthcare helpers, portable electric wheelchairs, and massage robots, to self-driving cars, & augmented reality, we’ve carefully selected our top-pick robots down below that struck our attention the most!


For starters, let's talk about our absolute team favorite, PurrSong. Loyal provider of our beloved LavvieBot, automatic self-cleaning cat litter box, they definitely took over the show with new technological innovations. Monitoring your cat’s health has never been easier with these devices.

On the menu is, a water dispenser that tracks your cat’s water consumption, next up, a litter box that tracks your cat's weight and bathroom habits, and to close it off, a tag that acts as an activity tracker, collecting data on your cat's movement and sleep patterns. These new devices come with solid pet-ential, and we suggest you stay tuned for our release of this trio of new products made just for your fur friends, coming very soon.


Now, if you’ve been roaming on the internet for quite some time, and have a passionate interest in robotics, you may have seen Ameca. This humanoid robot, who knows how to turn heads with its hyperrealistic facial expressions, was seen shaking hands at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. And it is just as impressive as it is chilling!


SkyDrive continues this list with its fabulous introduction of the compact flying vehicle, in other words, the future of personal air travel.

It is featured with eight horizontal rotors, and looks more like a giant drone than a flyer capable of carrying a human, but as we've seen time and again, innovation never ceases to amaze us. Now, do take note, it has a maximum flight time of 10 minutes, therefore while it may not satisfy your getting-out-of-the-country urge, it certainly can make you one day avoid taxi lines and daytime traffic.

Beomni 1.0

Now, we can’t pass over this human-like beomni robot. Beomni 1.0 is an artificial intelligence-enabled robot built by the US-based firm beyond imagination.

Its goal is to primarily assist humans with a wide variety of functions, from medical services to manufacturing tasks, working agriculture to, eventually, space construction.

John Deere Robot Tractor

Robot tractors may be heading to a farm near you, with this latest innovation from John Deere, ready to help farmers all around the world juggle through labor shortages, climate change and environmental protection, all while trying their best to feed our growing world population.


Samsung continues this list with its introduction of two new robots at CES 2022.

The first one, the Samsung Bot interactive robot. Utilizing balance control technology, it moves realistically just like any other living being, with life-like movements. Offers support when near its user, and manages a multitude of tasks when away. The second robot they offered is called the Samsung Bot Handy. This robot will be of help for any household chore using manipulation technology, which allows the robot to recognize objects in the home and pick them up for you.

Robotic Coffee Shop

Last but not least, Yummy Future’s Robotic Coffee Shop definitely was a star of the show. With its robot barista and café all-in-one, the Yummy Future robot can make you a cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds, all while requiring only one to two hours of maintenance for a total 24-hours of operation. 



With over 1000 different drink combinations and with its pastry shelves, this coffee shop initiative intends to help with the labor cost issues that many coffee shops face and experience, as well as cutting down on wait times and long lines. Not only is it “fully autonomous, precise, and intelligent” according to Yummy Future, it is also cloud, AI, IoT and over-the-air upgradeable.

What’s in store for the future?

Now that the annual mass of this year’s show is officially over, we can’t help but wonder... What is CES 2023 going to bring us? Comment down below and join our Community!

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