2013 Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon Participants

The Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013 is currently taking place. The hacking marathon where participants compete to create the best cloud monitoring robotic application started on April 6th and will be ending on the 14th of the same month. So far 29 teams from all around the world are hard at work as shown on the hackathon interactive map. Your team is not there? Don't stay behind and miss the chance of hacking robots. Register now!
2013 Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon Participants Map2013 Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon Participants Map
If you hover the interactive map, you can see the teams names, their projects, and even their Twitter names where they keep the world updated about their progress. For your convenience, we gathered all that information here:
  1. Project: A robot that is following voice commands for basic instructions such as moving in the said direction.
  2. Project: Robotic autonomous mapping of an area; with robots working together using the MyRobots cloud. During the mapping process, the robots will interact with any humans they encounter.
  3. @RobotShop Team: RobotShop. Project: Monitoring a Roomba charging.
  4. Team: iconcells. Project: Having robot for home stay senior to detect if they accidentally fall
  5. @iqbalmohomed Team: This little piggy. Project: This year, my team has access to a 3D printer. Our idea is to print out the chassis of the robot, and hook it up with an Arduino and motors.
  6. Team: OdinSky-Od. Project: To use a variety of smartphone apps such as; "find my phone," "monitor my kids," "monitor my home," "google earth," "google maps," etc... My Robot will be a Smartphone Guru ..."
  7. @nihar_pradhan Team: Robo NXT iGen. Project: Our idea is simple and less hard working.
  8. Team: Corruptedlink. Project: Key hunter Hunts down keys (or any object) fitted with a locator. After logging multiple finds it will use the data to guess where the keys are.
  10. Team: Mr.Face Productions. Project: The idea of this program is to have a solar powered mobile jelly bean dispenser! (Project might change in the future) If you would like to join our team and live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, just let us know
  11. Team: none. Project: UAV
  12. @DigitalGawd Team: Future of Robotics. Project: Unsure yet, my six year old daughter loves robotics, this will be a joint project between myself and her.
  13. @robotsblog Team: RobotsBlog.net. Project: Will work with the new Lego Mindstorms EV3 and see what this amazing new robot can do!
  14. Team: ONE. Project: Surveillance robot
  15. Team: Angry FIsh. Project: Our project revolves around monitoring your pet cat or dog when you away from home. We intend to build a moving robot platform that can flow your pet around the house, monitor its eating, and sleeping habits. Furthermore the platform can play rudimentary games with the pet. All the meanwhile the robot will be relaying vital stats for your pet back to the owner. Stats such as eating times, activity times, sleep times etc.
  16. @epkolli Team: sharkbots. Project: Control the motors with an Android phone through the cloud myrobots.com
  17. @chrispbarlow Team: Telemetrons. Project: Remote Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) over cloud services.
  18. Team: PZero. Project: A robot that mops the kitchen floor that leaves zero dust, hair, and oil.
  19. @sailindaze Team: They Might be Giants. Project: Small mobile robot to monitor pet activity.
  20. @RoboticApp Team: The RoboticApp Team. Project: Our solution will feature a speech interface to interact with a robot (Roomba, Create or Mindstorms NXT), a remote control to activate the robot actuators and read its sensors, a server to periodically monitor the robot sensors and feed the data to the MyRobots dashboard, and alerts triggered using the MyRobots alerts capabilities.
  21. @jeffreyarcand Team: Human Hamster Wheel. Project: Add a new remote monitoring interface to the existing Human Hamster Wheel at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario.
  22. @RobotGrrl Team: P(A|B). Project: Mystery
  23. @hferreira Team: ROAZ. Project: An autonomous surface vehicle
  24. @arusaette32 Team: janakpur. Project: to make doctors works with cloud talking to treat patient
  25. Team: ICEBOT. Project: network cooperated robots.
  26. @celiberto Team: FEIteam. Project: The idea is using heuristic to speed up the robotic applications
  27. @robotfanatic Team: Robot Fanatics of Utah. Project: We plan to use the cloud to monitor the status of our custom made robotic lawnmower (just barely in the process of being built). The robot mower will attempt to mow a section of grass. It will relay its position to the cloud through a combination of GPS and accelerometer data. If it encounters an obstacle, the mowbot will report the location of the obstacle. The mowbot will also report the amount of fuel and estimated distance that it has traveled. Software interfaced with the cloud will track the amount/location of lawn that has been mowed and plot the location of obstacles found.
  28. @noresiduals Team: wannasipofflipflop?. Project: Breeze powered iPhone charger
  29. @chpesa Team: RoboSamurai. Project: Our idea is to develop an application in which a robot serves as a training coach that monitors when humans do excercise. Robo coach will share human activity information to the cloud, so other (cheerleaders) robots can know how well the person is doing and encourage them to train more by generating clapping motion.
As you can see, the projects are very diverse and interesting, we are looking forward to see how they progress. You can follow the project updates and the live video update for the event on the Hackathon site. Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, which one is your favorite team? What would you do with a connected robot? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.  
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