'Recreation In Slowness'

In contrast to the digital revolution, ZENrobot paints his circles very slowly. It's a kind of meditation watching this robot scratching his waves, circles and spirals in sand. This process can take up to 40 minutes, depending on the complexity of the pattern.


2015 this scara robot was learning project for me. I was wondering how calculate the 2 angles for a scara robot arm from cartesian coordinates data. Many hours with google and testing until i get the right positions. I was surprised about the accuracy from the robot arm after i spend him a pen and a white sheet of paper.

Inspired from Bruce Shapiro and his  'Sisyphus' (http://www.taomc.com) i saw in a ehebition, i add to my ZENrobot a sand bed and a ball pen refill with a micro servo for the Z axis. Because i dident now about GCode at this time i had written the arduino code by myself. And the communication between processing and arduino is slow. Each step is done the arduino gives a feedback and processing can calculate the next (sub)step. 2day i would use GCode. Done in a smal version with 2 old CDROM sliders.

Another big challenge for me was calculating path moving between now and next position instead point to point moving. Google helps all the time... ;-)

Now 3 years later, a nice movie was done and the misssed chance put the robot in a exhebition i realised the online streaming project i had long time in my head. Again lot to learn about html, php, javascript and raspberry Pi, streaming, firewalls .... Success!


Technical description:

- The lightly modyfied robot arm comes from a kickstarter project

- Processing www.processing.org does the calculations for the patterns (first on my macbook; actually on a raspberry Pi 3)

- Arduino UNO get the angles from processing and does run the the stepper motors and the micro servo (actually one stepper is broken and does little jumps. need fix that)

- Raspberry Pi3 running the webcam; generates the stream to youtube and turn on/off lights; communicate with the webserver and finally generates the patterns

The movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmK1j-XQyCw

The real time interactive stream: http://keinkunst.ch/zen/ 


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very creative robots

Your robots are very inspiring. You have won another follower.


Really really dig this robot. Would you be sharing some sort of tutorial in the near future?

Also gotta hand it to you.

Also gotta hand it to you. The livestream and control from your website is incredible.

AmaZen piece of work!

AmaZen piece of work!