Zen Master

I'm building a robot with many different voltages here.

I have managed to avoid voltage regulation by cheating, I run the motors that are rated for 4.5 volts at 6 volts from a RC NiCd battery, and I use an RC Electronic Speed Controller that can give 5 volts to the RC receiver, the wireless camera and the Picaxe. I feared that this might be a problem and turned to the all knowing LMR forums for help. And help I got...

Fritsl answered:

" I have never fried any picaxe, and I sure have done all the wrong things with them; Hooked motors up, that generated power back etc.

The SRF05's on the other hand; Each time I am just a little sloppy, I fry one! The fried ones can be used as models for drilling and fitting later, but still.. What I am trying to say is that they are sensitive!"

Well, to make a long story (involving 4 days!! of trouble shooting), I now have a fried SRF05 that I can use as model for drilling and fitting as well.
It seems very unlikely that I'll manage to get a new one shipped before the challenge ends tomorrow morning, so improvisation seems to be the order of the day (or this night to be more specific)...




use oddbot’s improv ir…search it.