Yay! n00b :)

Yay! I'm really excited to have finally joined this site. I've been reading for the past week and LMR has really helped out sort the kinks in my design.

I'm an EE major, so I lourve robots. For my career, I reallllly want to work on making robotic prosthetics for the disabled.

Last spring I built a bunch of NXT robots for class. Since then, I all I have been taking are basics courses.

SOOO to remedy my robot withdrawl I've been slowly buying parts/tools over the last year with my ramen money.

I'm very close to getting all of the parts to assemble my TodboT. The design has changed dramatically over the last 6 months.

But alas! I am procrastinating studying for my calculus test that is scheduled tonight by searching up the forum for more goodies.

I'll post up my designs later!

Robocop on a unicorn

Don’t believe every avatar you find on the Net!

“To Do Bot”? Sounds like the work of a procrastinator indeed!

welcome :slight_smile:
welcome :slight_smile:

Me too
Welcome to LMR. I am fairly new as well. I am starting school next month for electronics engineering. I was injured in Iraq, so the Veterans Administration is sending me to school for a new career. But that is one of things I was really interested in as well was being able to develop for people with disabilities. I had a dream a couple of nights ago for a device that I sketched out in my notebook so that I could pursue the idea once I get into my training more.