Yahboom world of module programmable sensor kit for Micro:bit V2 board

21 in 1 building block programmable sensor kit, Sunflower, Automatic door, Piggy bank, Flying penguin. Which modle do you like?

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All kits are mind blowing. I am a Scratch teacher. I just wish these kits were available in my country at effordable prices.

Hi, nice to meet you.
Which country are you from and how many pieces of this product do you want?

Or you can place an order directly, we will arrange delivery for you as soon as possible after receiving your order.
Look forward to our cooperation.

Thank you. Right now it’s not economically feasible for me to buy these. But I may contact you in the near future if I get a good number of students. Nice to know you.

OK,Thank you. Thank you. Hope we can have opportunities for cooperation in the near future.