Wrt54g as robot brain

Andrey Mikhalchuk demonstrates how to hack a popular wifi router to have an rs232 interface (or two). The openwrt project allows us to actually use that powerful hack. Andrey did what few people did before: he added a micro servo controller and TING robot's done!

I always had the desire (and a legitimate business need) to operate anything wirelessly via tcp/ip. Linux is my specialty. This seems the way to go. These routers can be had for little money at second hand market places.

Adding wireless communications to a microcontroller can be very complex or very expensive. This is doing the reverse: adding a uC to a preexisting wifi router. The accompanying powerful processor/memory makes your dream platform complete.

via hackaday

(with apologies to John Williams and Henry Mancini)



I liked the wrt54g when it
I liked the wrt54g when it came out cause it was so hackable, but damn…thats just really freekin cool.

I am planning myself to use an asus Wl-500g router as a robot brain. Advantage of this router is that it has a 266mhz processor, 32 mb ram and 2 usb ports. I is possible to run debian linux from an usb stick on the router, the second usb port will be used to connect an arduino to drive the motors and do some lower level intelligence.

When you make this as a

When you make this as a robot with web interface and a wireless pan and tilting camera, you better make a tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh and you should use a Picaxe 28x1 or something other than the Servo Controller they used

don’t worry
You will get sick from all the walkthroughs about this one. And I don’t even know what a servo controller is. I’ll just hack those up myself. From a Picaxe probably.

Sick yet?
That may have been overstating the case Rik! A bit.

I had just built an

I had just built an interface very similar to yours.
I built the interface in the case of a dead router.
The ribbon cabel connects the two boxes together on the front and I used RJ connectors on the back for ttyS0 and S1.
The only parts I had to buy was the max3232 chip and the piece of cicuit board. Everything else I was able scrounge of of old computer boards. The trouble is now that I have it built I dont know what to do with it.

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