Workspace and Workbench in an apartment

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Hi - I'm new to building robotics, and have fooled around with a breadboard with some designs found online and in books. I think i'm ready to etch PCB, solder, create a body for a robot, etc etc - but my problem is that I live in an apartment and don't have a garage. Space isn't really the problem, i've attached a picture of where I want to set up, but the noise is... and also how portable everything is. i.e. when guests come over i'd like to move everything out of the way quite easily.

Does anyone else have their workspace in their bedrooms? or in shared accomodation? What solutions or suggestions do you have for noise..

Any photos of your work area?



I have. BUT I also have a garage for noisy stuff. Machining parts is noisy. I’m fobidden once the kids have gone to bed. Writing software, building circuits and even etching PCBs aren’t noisy processes. Even the miniature drill press I have for drilling PCBs is quite noisy.

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I have my setup in my spare room, and it’s prett compact. like BOA, I’m not allowed to do the noisy stuff after my son’s gone to bed but programming/soldering/breadboard prototyping and all that quiet stuff doesn’t use a lot of room and is pretty quiet. Just try and manage your time so that the noisy stuff happens during a reasonable hour. And if you ■■■■ the neighbours off - buy them a bottle of wine. Works for me every time!!

My work area is the kitchen
My work area is the kitchen table. I keep all of my supplies in a couple of boxes and have to drag everything out, plug in, set up, etc. Then put everything away when done. A real PITA! I have a small office, but share it with my wife and there just isn’t room to leave everything set up.

Oh, yes. There’s THIS…
Our Workshops.

hahahah i have made
hahahah i have made workbench set up in my kitchen …So that goes to show you that you don’t need to worry about having a garage. :slight_smile: … It get kind of noisy some time but i guess my neighbor don’t really mind…

When I was a kid…
When I was in high school, I slept in a bunk bed. My brother and I had shared it years before. I put a bit of hardboard on the top bunk and THAT was my workstation.