Hey guys, today was my first day trying to build a robot and yes i already screwed it up. I was trying to take the engine aout of a toy helicopter but i cut a wire. Could someone tell me how to fix the wire????


Dan :slight_smile:

I cut a wire when trying to take an engine out a helicopter and now i need someone to tell me how to reconnect two wires together??

Random idea

I would try soldering them back together. im new here,

so i guess my ideas aren’t worth beans, but it might work i guess.


shouldn’t be hard…just

shouldn’t be hard…just use a wire stripper to get out some of the plastic covering the two wires. Once done get the two pieces of wire together and tie them somehow. I also suggest you to solder them as that will guarantee they won’t accidentally fall apart.

remember to isolate them so that they won’t be touching other wires. Shrinking plastic or just some isolating tape should do.

You can strip the wires and

You can strip the wires and wrap the two wires together so they make a connection and use heat shrinking plastic (can buy at Radio Shack). You can also solder them together and cover them with electrical tape so the wire doesnt short out.

Soldering takes some skill so the first option is a bit easier.


Dan :slight_smile:

thx guys but i know how to solderso i think ill do that :slight_smile:


Get youself a soldering iron and some solder. A definite must-have for anything which has wires!!

Cut a few wires and solder them back together. Practice makes perfect.