Wiring two seperate power supplies on a 28x1

Ok, I feel really really stupid asking another easy beginner question, but I checked the picaxe manuals and a bunch of posts including fritls’s 28x1 for dummies tip/walkthrough and couldn’t find a answer I could really understand. My question is where do I wire in a second power source (v2) for servos in the picaxe 28x1? Thanks in advance for putting up with my beginner questions

Anywhere it already is
Just plug in the second power source positive to anyplace that is labeled V2 in Frits’ tutorial then connect the negative to any G pin, and you should be fine, they are all connected after all. I would choose the V2 on the bottom right corner in the picture about a third down on the tutorial page, that shows V1 V2 anf G all highlighted, and then choose a nearby G. If not there, perhaps on the end of the row where the servos could plug in, lower end of the output row.

Use the 3 way connector

Assuming you are using the 28X1 project board that is part of the starter pack this is covered on the first page of the documentation that came with the board. If you didn’t get a copy with your board then read this:


To summarise - there are three pins at the lower right of the board marked ‘E’ (for External), above two unconnected pads marked R. As shipped there is a jumper over two of the pins. This needs to be removed so you can connect the separate supply.



Thanks robologist and phil. I was going to try those two things before, but I didn’t want to be wrong and have the magical blue smoke come out of my picaxe.

You must remove the jumper
You must remove the jumper if you are going to use a separate supply for the servo.