Wiring Help with a Battleswitch to remote start a lawn mower

I was hoping someone could loan me their brain and help me determine how to set up the wiring to go about remote starting my lawn mower. I’ve included several pictures to help show you what I"m working with.

I am using a Snapper SPV60 mower.

This is how you start it. By pushing in the red button and then pulling and holding back on the red bar. Once the red bar is let go, the mower stops.

This image below here is of what’s inside this mechanism to start the box. I do have the red bar unhooked as you can see, but to put it simply, pushing in the black box that has the cut out section where the orange/reddish piece is…that is what gets pulled in when pulling on the red bar.

I spoke with Dimension Engineering and they said as long as the VDC is no more than 30, it should be usable but they were concerned because the snapper mower uses a 60v 4ah battery.

I tested the wiring voltage when powering it on. Below are the images showing the pos/neg wiring and the voltage read at around 16.49/16.48.

I was a little confused on the wiring. Would my wiring be correct or if not, can someone point me in the right direction as to the correct wiring?

My wiring includes using a battle switch that has S1/SC/S2/NC. It’s from Dimension Engineering.
Positive Wire(White Wire - as indicated from image above from trigger mechanism) to S1
Positive Wire(manually made from 10gauge wire) - 1 end in S1 and the other end running to positive terminal on a 12V battery
Negative Wire(black wire as indicated from image above from trigger mechanism) to SC
Negative Wire(manually made from 10gage wire) - 1 end in S2 and the other end running to negative terminal on a 12v battery

I have done some further testing and will try this tomorrow, which I think is the correct set up but I was hoping someone would see this and confirm or even deny the wiring set up.

So as you can see from the picture above, I tested continuity on the switch. The switch on the mower is a CPXTE Mod31-061b.

I tested continuity and in my drawing at the bottom, it shows what has continuity when the button is not pushed in. I also show how all 4 are connected with continuity when the button is pushed in.

So if I’m correct, the positive(white/yellow) goes into S1. I will then link the black/blueish colored wires into the both SC and S2. Then with the switch worked one way, S1 stays linked with nothing else except the white/yellow wires as if the button isn’t pushed in. Switched the other way on my transmitter, S2 becomes SC and linked with S1 as if hte button is pushed in. Right?

You may close this topic. I no longer need assistance.

Through some additional research and using my multimeter to do some testing for continuity, I managed to figure it out.

Just in case anyone comes across this post and is looking for the correct answer, what I did to make it remotely start the lawn mower, I ran the positive wire(red wire) to SC and the negative wires(both blues) to S2. S1 had nothing in it. That way when I throw the toggle switch to give power to the motor controller from the 2 12v batteries, the mower doesn’t automatically start because I leave the BS turned off since S1 is clear of any wires. Then I just flip the gear switch on my transmitter and it turns the BS on and the mower blade gets power.

S1 - Empty
SC - Red / Positive
S2 - Both blue wires / Negative wires

Typically, the battery and device positive goes in S1, Battery negative goes in S2, and the device negative goes in SC.

I had to do it slightly different both both negative wires is going straight to the mower’s battery and is getting juice. So I couldn’t separate them.