Wireless surveilance system

Hi, all, this is a bit of a random night post, but, i need your help...i need a cheap way to make a surveilance system.. 

I have a CCTV camera module that looks like that, and no, it's not wireless, doesn't have a receiver. It only has Audio/Video cables and a power cable. Is there a cheap way to make this work using bluetooth? I only need to spy from 5 meters away. Btw, i want to be able to receive the video from my laptop. 

If there is no possibly cheap way, how 'bout a webcam? Would there be a way to make it work then? Thnx for all suggestions and comments, night!

2.4Ghz FM Wireless Transmitter/Resceiver

A simple solution would be to use a audio/video transmitter and resceiver. Kind of low tech compared to Bluetooth… but would do the job.

If you have no RCA plug on your laptop you shure find an adapter from a RCA to whatever you have.

Here the basic data-flow and modules involved:



A bit pricey though…

The cheapest i could find on Ebay is about 27$. Could there be a much cheaper way?

just use a webcam connect it

just use a webcam connect it with your router (maybe a Wi-Fi TL WR-703N) and use http://www.zoneminder.com/

You are able to watch the live stream in any webbrowser and record the stream as well.