Wire follower for line striping

I have volunteered to stripe several football fields for our school district.   Here is what I would like to do:  Paint the lines quickly with my existing riding line striper.  If I had buried wires where the lines are to be painted and a way to align the spray head while driving the striper without having to go slowly along the string or existing line, I could finish the fields and move on to other tasks.   All I need is a way to move the spray head laterally keeping it over the wire as I drive.  If I had 6-12 inches of lateral travel, I could really crank up the spray pressure and paint quickly.  $1000 to start sound good?

Want to get fancy?  Make it so I can turn the corners on the field without having to stop painting, or a way to paint the numbers or team name in the endzone!




Added a placeholder image (feel free to change it). You have this set up as a challenge, but not sure how someone might actually contribute because you indicate “using my existing riding line striper”, which seems to require that whoever wants to participate needs access to this machine? If not, they would likely need complete details (mech / elec etc.) in order to create an attachment?