WIP - MARLA - Power supply problem

About a year ago I started to build my first own robot. I discovered a voice-controlled robot from the company “embodied” in a YouTube video “Moxie”. I wanted the thing right away. But the first setback - delivery only USA - subscription only with residence USA - language that the robot understands and speaks, only English.

So I thought I’d try it myself. With Blender I designed the first models (inspired by “Moxie”) and prepared parts for my Ender3 - 3d printer. After countless misprints, I am finally satisfied with the current prototype and dare to show it.

MARLA on YouTube: HOT LINE - YouTube

Currently I’m using a disassembled “JD-Robot” from EZ-Robot for the inner workings. The printed parts are made of PLA. MARLAs shall be equipped with these components:

  • 1.) EZB - servo controller
  • 2.) Raspberry Pi 4B or similar
  • 3.) Mini projector including sound box

How could I power all three components with one power source? Do you have any tips on where I can find something about power sources for robots?

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Hi @Hotline and welcome to our forum!

You have an interesting project which is almost complete :slight_smile:

For the power supply, I guess you could use LiPo battery.

For example:

  1. For EZB servo controller, manufacturer recommends 6xAA battery holder or 7.4V LiPo battery:
    Battery Holder 6 x AA
    LiPo Battery

  2. Raspberry Pi can be powered from USB but also through the GPIO pins, but it needs 5V so you might need some voltage control circuit between battery and RPI:
    How to Power Your Raspberry Pi With a Battery - Circuit Basics
    How to Power Raspberry Pi 4?
    4 Raspberry Pi Battery Packs for Portable Projects

  3. I don’t know which product are you using here and what are the voltage requirements for this.

I hope this helps.