Will the Radiolink T8FB transmitter work for a battlebot

My son and I are new to the RC world. We are building a battlebot with two drive motors. The transmitter we purchased, the Radiolink T8FB, seems to be designed for planes. I have looked everywhere and tried all kinds of settings, but haven’t been able to make it work for us.

It may not even be possible, but before I invest in a new one I thought I would throw out a line. Thanks everyone.

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Hi @RustyShackelford and welcome to the forum.

It would be best to contact Radiolink directly and they will help you with connecting your transmitter: Contact Us-Radiolink Electronic Limited

If you bought the products from RobotShop and you wish to return these, please write to [email protected].

Thank you.

Hi RustyShackelford,

Can you explain what’s not working for you exactly ?
We use RC transmitter/receiver in Robotics all the time but you need to interpret the signals.

It’s even better when using a library PPM like this one we have for Lynxmotion:

To put the RadioLink receiver in PPM output you need to:

  • double press on the receiver button, it should switch from RED to PURPLE color.
  • Connect on the CH2 for PPM output

Let us know…!

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