Will a robot pool cleaner damage my vinyl lining

My vinyl pool lining has quite a few creases in it. Would the Aquabot get stuck on them or damage the lining where it sticks up? Is one product better than the other for this problem?



Usually with a vinyl pool we would suggest any Pool Cleaner with scrubbing brushes. In your case it is possible that a pool cleaner with brushes will damage the lining further. Therefore, we suggest that you consider a robot with wheels.

If you have an above ground pool we suggest the Aiper Scuba L1 for flat bottomed pools.

For in-ground pools we suggest the Water Tech Cordless Pool Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


I’ve been using a Dolphin Triton Plus robot on my liner pool for around two and a half years without any problem.

I believe it’s worth the effort to research the robots. Some of them are ground-breaking and have at least 3 scrubbers. Personally I wouldn’t recommend one of those powerful ones. They were designed specifically for plaster pools. The lesser powerful ones, with a scrubber on front and back are much easier on the liner.

On several manufacturer websites but not all, they state whether or not the robot is liner friendly.

Hope this helps

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I’ve been using “Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner” for the past 11 months, but the results for me are unsatisfactory.
Is “Dolphin Triton Plus” really a good choice?
If not, than please suggest me a good one.

There is nothing to worry about. It will not get damaged. I have also done this already few months ago.

well, it shouldn’t damage the surface but if it does, you may try to use different types of vacuum heads. We used Milliard model to clean our pool because it’s suitable for vinyl pools

see if it is using a soft cloth for cleaning then it is goot bot a shart tools can damadged both

I have about 15 friends who have swimming pools and bought a robot for cleaning the pool for a lot of money and ended up getting discouraged when they saw very strong scratches and damage to the coating. And I can say for sure that the best devices and cleaning devices are proven ones and those that people really like and can be convinced of this. After I found out about all these cases, I decided that I’d rather buy a normal cleaning device for my pool from a normal service. After about 3-4 hours of searching (pretty quickly), I found for myself a really good store, best pool cleaner, where you can not only buy a cleaner, but also find out where you can buy them and even how to use and care for them correctly.