Wild thumper + wild thumper motor controller how do i let it start driving?


im new t building robots and i got a question.

i have brougth the wild humper 6 wheeled chasis and a wild thumper motor controller.


everything is ooked up propperly, 

now my question is ow that i uploaded the standard program from my laptop on the controller(only changed to serial instead of rc as i want to drive it via my laptop). what code do i need to change to let the servos start driving?

myself i thougt this peace of code :



int Leftmode=1;                                               // 0=reverse, 1=brake, 2=forward

int Rightmode=1;                                              // 0=reverse, 1=brake, 2=forward



but its not doing anything at all if i change it to 2 instead of 1.


any1 have any sugestions on what i should do ive searched the internet for a week but at everything i find the writer already got the thing driving. 

p.s. i want to make it drive wireles later on this year using python to make a control board on my laptp to control it (but have no clue how to do this but first want to know some basics one step at the time )

thanks in advance 

I have to assume some things…

Please correct me if I am wrong here but it sounds like this is the first thing you have tried to work with/ program/ wire up etc.

I think the short answer here is that you now need to learn how to write code. You may need to back up a bit here and learn some basics before trying to do “driving” code. Basically, you are on step 2, you think you are on step 20 and you are asking about step 50. 

Really, the first thing you need to do here is to blink a LED. This is where everyone of us started. As a matter of fact, there is probabably a LED already connected to your WildThumper’s arduino via Pin 13. I would look at the Arduino examples (basic blink etc) and just start going through them. Remember, at the end of the day your Wild Thumper is still just a regular-ol Arduino, it just happens to have a  motor driver attached to it. You can do most, if not all arduino tutorials with your wildthumper board.

From there, it is just a matter of putting in your time. --And I can save you some heartache here by saying you are probably not going to find any code “off-the-shelf” that you can simply put into your controller (without modification) and have it work.


Get a LED to blink and call me in the morning.

ok thanks

i will do that than.I did some basic arduino tuturials already, but maby im going to fast indeed. also got that kit with the 14 tuturials to build. so i finish those first than.