Wild Thumper gear Motor Stall

I have a question about expected torque from my Wild Thumper motors (34:1 gear ratio motors) powered with a 7.4v 40C battery using the Wild Thumper Controller.  My question is this, if i put the truck up on a stand, and give full forward power on the controller, the wheels over course start to turn.  But my concern is, that when I grab one of the wheels, i can keep it from moving without very much effect, effectively stalling that motor so long as i hold it while the others turn.

Should these motors have such little torque?  Should they be this easy to stop with my hand?  When i Drive the thing, it easily gets stuck in grass (when trying to rotate 360) or if on some sort of uneven inclinated surface trying to climb up.  So im wondering if its a power issue?  Or something in the Wild THumper Controller code that limits the motor?




OK OK ive been meaning to

OK OK ive been meaning to upload pics, im just lazy… here are a few!

To answer your questions:

1. Battery was just fully charged, (and i double checked the battery voltage to make sure everything was copasetic…it was a-ok

2.I have 12gauge wires from the batter to the wire terminals and 14 gauge from the terminal to the WT controller and 14 gauge from the controller boad to all motors… i figured thats enough, thats what i was told!

3. I am using the delivered code found online… no real modifications other than adding in a piece of code to drive my servo for the cam

4. Photos below!!

QUESTION:  So should the wheels have a bit more torque?  Or should me holding them while having “full throttle” stop them pretty easily?

Disclaimer: I havent even thought up on how to mount the WTC board, theres no easy way and im just testing things out right now, so i will build some sort of proper enclosure for the board.  

The pic with my little camera on a servo shows the “servo mount” and “camera mount” (quotations emphasized) that I made from some thermoplastic I had lying around.  Its not supposed to be pretty, i just wanted to see how my 900mhz video TX transmitted with a ground based vehicle (I usually have it attached to my quadcopter)…

Here are some pics:




BELOW you will see my state of the art, high quality, with a standard finish "testing tube" mounting system for my Wild Thumper... also known as cut cardboard tube to hold up my thumper for testing :)