Wii Camera BreakOuts

I just finished and sent off some break out boards to support a wiicamera. These boards use the camera after it has been removed from the wiimote and communicate via i2c NOT the standard bluetooth connection of the wiimote. Included on the board is the necessary reset circuit and 25mhz crystal. There are a total of (4) .9" mounting holes to match 2-56 hardware. 2 of these holes match the hole pattern of the servo horn of the "LMR standard" blue servo. Pull-up resistors are also on board for the i2c lines. The board requires and has a 5-pin header for:

  • Gnd
  • 5v
  • 3.3v
  • SDA
  • SCL

This batch will be 5 units, 2 of which have already been claimed. Please contact me if you are interested one of the last 3 or have any questions. The boards will come populated and tested. $30.

I am sorry, these are terrible screen grabs but please look closely, the boards have quite a snazzy outline, indeed.



Don’t like corners, do you?

I’ve no need for one of these anytime soon, but it’s nice to know it might be available when the time comes (4 or 5 projects down the road).