Wii Camera and Easy PCB Etch How-To

Well, I got sick of having a lappy as a middle-man between my wiimote and my robot (via bluetooth). I decided to remove the camera itself and go with on-board i2c instead of sending BT data back and forth. Now, I have seen a lot of great "adapters" to go from the fine pitch of the wiicamera pins to "standard" pin spacing, but I need not only to adapt the pins, but also a good way to mount the device to the pan and tilt mechanism I have on Walter. I decided to etch a PCB for the task using, I think, the easiest PCB etching process around. Period.

(I should add that I also made an IR "shield" from the one normally installed in the front of the wiimote. The little bracket used to hold the "shield" was also made from blank PCB board and was soldered together into the 90 degree angle shown)

(I am sorry about the "stripes" in the video --Fluorescent lights...)

Some photos and the video:










Quick question, What is the

Quick question, What is the wii camera for ? SLAM?

Oh, so much!

First off, it replaces an old system I used to use as a “homing beacon”. I used to use a 38khz sensor, mounted at the end of a tube. This tube shielded the sensor and thus, turned it into a “directional” sensor that could be scanned with a servo to find a stationary beacon. This was then used to (roughly) determine the robot’s location. The wii camera will serve the same function with 1000x the accuracy. I will use the same “look for the beacon” system for some other games as well. --I am thinking about hide-and-seek and follow-the-leader using a beacon mounted on a second, smaller robot. I am also thinking of a translucent ball, with IR LED’s mounted inside. This glowing “IR ball” would be walter’s first toy! He could play (sorta) catch --or at least, “I roll it, and you go find it, then I go get it, and I roll it again”. I could also swing the camera to face rearward, and with a “IR pen” in my hand, I now have an “invisable leash”. When it comes down to it, this camera simply allows walter to interact with anything I want him to, as long as I (in some way) “tag” that item with IR light. The possibilites are endless.

I’m waiting for the day when

I’m waiting for the day when CTC finds out about the xbox kinect…that bot will track you in the room and build a full 3d world around it…http://www.geekword.net/kinect-drone-fly/

and with a processing library…oh boy…http://www.shiffman.net/2010/12/18/updated-kinect-library-for-processing/



You’re tellin’ me that there is a Processing library for the Kinect? Yeah… Now I want one…

If you like the instruction in writing.


even though the video is perfect.