Wifi/ Ip enabled car


I am intrested in making a car that can be controlled anywhere through wifi. I do no know where to start and how to do it. Does anyone know what to use (arduino? arduino with ethernet shield? arduino with wifi shield?) or any good step by step instrunctions on this?

Anything would help


Is this your first robot?

What experience do you have so far with electronics and/or code?


I have a basic understanding of electronics and code.

When you say car,

do you mean hobby sized RC car, or, do you mean fullsized, run over and kill someone car? If it is the hobby sized vehicle, I have seen a couple on the web, and, one here. Just do a search for wifi robot car/truck/vehicle.

My views…
Depending on the range and budget you can use the following technologies-

1. Infra red- Range-10 m indoor without any obstacles. Cost-$3.

2. Bluetooth- Range-10m anywhere with or without obstacles. Cost-$5.

3. Radio Controller- Range-100 m maximum. Cost-$5 to 10.

4. Modulated Radio Waves- Range- a few kilometer to 50 km max. Cost-$10-infinity depending on range. If you use it in a small area, there is no cost other than the radio stuff of $5 to $10. If you use it for a few kilometers, you have to get amateur radio broadcasting rights from your local agencies which might give you some paperwork to do and a few $$ to spend. You can use either fm or am modulation. This may be the midst costly method but it’s one time investment if you have plans to use your communication method elsewhere as well.

5. Arduino with ethernet shield (I haven’t seen this in use so I’m guessing)- Range-virtually unlimited. Cost-$50 (arduino + shield).

Now that you’ve got an idea that there are many things that you can do, choose what suits you.