Wide FOV webcam / low-cost camera

Hi there,

I am looking for a webcam (or low-cost camera) with good lens (low-distortion) and wide filed of view (at least 75 degrees). A resolution of 640 x 480 is enough, although a bit higher would be better. Any suggestion?

Wide view

One of my personal comlaints abot webcams has been the wide FOV. In order to fill the frame with your face, you have to sit real close by your laptop,

The resolution you mention is a very ordinary minimum for most webcams these days.

So, I think you are looking for good optics first. Everything else later. That could be hard!

check out foscam.com

check out foscam.com

You may search for driving

You may search for driving recorders too. Some of them can be used as webcam.

I got one of this.

Stereo vision

Actually I would like to create a stereo vision system for my mobile robot project. Wider field of view will be closer to human eyes’ FOV and makes the robot to perceive its environment better.

Thanks! but that’s not what

Thanks! but that’s not what I’m looking for…

That’s really inexpensive

That’s really inexpensive solution for car accident recording issue. However, I am going to build a stereo vision system which is completely another application…

Thanks for useful links!Wide

Thanks for useful links!

Wide angle lenses as add-on to webcams usually apply more lens-distortion. I think I will go to buy “Logitech B905 2MP Portable Webcam” presented in the third link. However, my concern is that it has a “Autofocus system” which is not good for stereo vision.