Why won't it vark?

SHR_3_0.pde (1978Bytes)

I've made a development bot named Arcee as some of you know, now i've added an AmandaLDR to it for obstacle avoiding.The LEDs on the sensor are very bright and blue in colour. The bot won't use a servo to pan the sensor, it'll simply rotate itself.

The problem is, I don't think it's working. But the sensor works, oddly enough. It can turn an LED on at a threshold. But once implemented into an obstacle avoidance code it dosen't seem to work.

The code is attached below.



Just checked your code dude.

Just checked your code dude. I am just sitting on the programming of my sharp sensor. IR is always a hardcore time…i like the easy way to put the code for a Ping sensor.

Anyway, you said that your sensor is working, how and can you reproduce it? Is it working just in theshold distance or do you get readings?

try a longer delay

In your main loop you have Reverse() then a delay of 125 miliseconds. That’s barely enough time to send a signal to the motors. Try 1200 or something. Does the scan function work as designed?